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Part-time/intern position – platform developer

At Community Outreach Partners (COMORP),  we use the power of relationships: working directly with community organizations and young people, connecting businesses to community organizations, and creating links between businesses to achieve our mission. We are passionate about helping student athletes reach their full potential. Our Foundation is a branch of Community Outreach Partners and a partnership with the Players Philanthropy Foundation (“PPF”) which is a charitable trust with Section 501(c)(3) status.

COMORP is looking for an intern/part-time employee to work on our client platform that was developed to communicate with students, parents, coaches and counselors. The individual will be working on the back end to assist with technical support, resolve errors, and help the platform evolve to meet the needs of the organization and clients. The individual will receive real experience with a live custom platform. COMORP is in search of a flexible individual who has experience with different coding languages, is well organized and wants to be part of a small growing energetic organization while building their resume.

•Coding and debugging.
•Designing and testng computer structures.
•Troubleshootng system errors.
•Writng computer instructions.
•Managing database systems.
•Maintaining operating systems.
•Editng source-code.
•Profiling and analyzing algorithms.
•Implementing build systems.
•Providing tech support.

•End user-oriented.
•Expert IT skills.
•Advanced knowledge of operating systems.
•Analytcal and problem-solving skills.
•Java, C++, SQL, C#, and HTML experience.
•CSS, PHP, jQuery experience
•Apttude for learning new technology.
•Deadline driven.
•Superior communication skills.

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The mission of COMORP Foundation is to enrich, support and empower the lives of youth by providing resources, structure, and role models.


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