Our Story

Community Outreach Partners works to transform lives and strengthen communities by forming a relationship with businesses who want to get involved in the community. With the help of sponsors and partners, we can work together to make a difference in the lives of youth all over the country. Our Dream Big Presentations are presented to youth urging them to maintain aspirations, find what makes them happy and ultimately achieve the goals they set for themselves regardless of their background.

Jack Sundberg started this movement when he founded Baseball860 – a community service organization that supports and inspires children through its services to transform lives and strengthen communities through the sport of baseball. But why stop there?

Lindsay Sundberg’s passion is seeing her students succeed not only on the field, but also in the classroom. As Community Outreach Partner’s Academic Advising Coach, Lindsay takes her impressive academic advising experiences and helps high school students prepare for the academic rigors of college. At the 2019 National High School Student-Athlete Development Conference in New York City Lindsay led a presentation discussing research based strategies for secondary success. It’s a very exciting time at Community Outreach Partners and we hope that you’ll team up with us on this journey to transform our communities and provide youth with the tools for a brighter future!

Our Team

We have combined 50+ years experience playing and working with athletes from youth leagues, high schools, colleges as well as professional leagues.

Jack Sundberg


Lindsay Sundberg

Executive Director

Julie McDermott

Client Services Manager

Margaret Sundberg


TOYA, University of Oklahoma

“I was able to see firsthand the passion that Lindsay has for helping student-athletes succeed. She worked with a wide range of student-athletes and successfully built relationships with each of them. It was through these relationships, that her students knew she was someone that they could trust and that she has their best interest at heart. “


Our mission is to provide support and inspiration for children in grades 4-12 through our services to help transform lives and strengthen communities. 


Academic Coaching 4 Student Athletes is our flagship program aimed at helping young athletes excel in the classroom and on the field.


In addition to AC4SA, we offer a variety of programs to help young people reach their full potential.


The mission of COMORP Foundation is to enrich, support and empower the lives of youth by providing resources, structure, and role models.


Each week we host new guests who discuss their journey as a student-athlete. Learn how they managed studies and sports throughout their academic years.


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