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Lindsay Sundberg - Academic Advising Coach

Lindsay Sundberg has worked in various roles in the athletic departments of Kansas State University, North Carolina State University, Stony Brook University and most recently at Georgia Institute of Technology.

She has recently taken on the role of developing a program for COMORP which will target current high school student athletes. Her hope is that through preparation done in high school, these athletes won’t just “survive” but truly “thrive” and get the most out of their academics at the collegiate level.

With years of experience working with collegiate student athletes from varying demographics, sports and levels trying to just make it, I want to help student athletes before they get to this level to develop the necessary tools to thrive and make the most out of their collegiate career. Being a successful student athlete goes beyond seeing success on the field and in the classroom, it is leaving the institution of your selection with an unforgettable experience and transitioning into a career that they are just as passionate about as their sport.
— Lindsay Sundberg, Academic Advising Coach