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Beyond the Pickle with Aaron Hill

Aaron Hill is a current professional baseball player with Milwaukee Milkman. Aaron launched his baseball career at Fitch High School in Groton, CT. He was a two-time all-state high school baseball player with GPA 3.5 and then a Four-year baseball player (shortstop and second baseman) at the University of Connecticut, earning his degree as a Communications Major and Sociology Minor.

Juggling the demanding athletic calendar with the academic stress of classes was very different from High school and riddled with challenges. Staying organized was something he thought he had mastered in high school but was instead the root cause of many college struggles. “It was much easier in high school.” Aaron recalls, “No one is there holding your hand in college.”

Aaron provides additional nuggets of advice, do-overs, and rearview insight on the things that mattered throughout the conversation. His final piece of advice encourages kids to learn from his and other athlete’s mistakes and wishes the Pickle Pod conversations had been available to him. “I think it’s gonna be huge for all of these kids. I wish I had a podcast to listen to or watch about people who had gone through what I wanted to go through. I wish I had that before I was going through it … So I love what you guys are doing. Keep doing it. Appreciate it.”

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Behind the Pickle Pod

Community Outreach Partners (COMORP) is a nonprofit organization that strives to transform the lives of students by encouraging their goals and supporting their passions. COMORP creates new channels of influence for the youth through clinics, workshops, academic...

Two Clinics to be Held at New London High School

Jack Sundberg will be coaching three Baseball Clinics to the students of New London High School. The clinics will also be followed by a Q&A with Jack to the players. Jack continues to want to serve others and wants to fulfill his mission of Baseball 860 by serving...

Upcoming Baseball Clinic

Jack Sundberg will be putting on a Base Running 101 Clinic - for High School Players at the Meriden Boys and Girls Club's upper gym. He will provide great insight about base running and stealing - a part of the game that is very crucial, but often very over looked....

Meriden Baseball Clinic

Nationals’ Jack Sundberg hits baselines in city of his bloodlines, click here to read more. The positive feedback Baseball 860 has received so far has been great, if you have any feedback or comments on your experiences with Baseball 860 please feel free to let us...

Baseball Clinic at the Meriden Boys and Girls Club

Jack Sundberg will be running a baseball clinic at the Meriden Boys and Girls Club's upper gym for (13 to 14) year old players. The clinic cost is $25 a player and will focus on base running and stealing. Half the player's clinic fee will be donated to the Meriden...

Baseball 860 teams up with the Glastonbury High School Baseball Team for the Holidays!

On Friday December 23, Baseball 860’s Jack Sundberg along with the Glastonbury High School Baseball Coach, Dennis Accomando Jr. teamed up to deliver toys to The Connecticut Children’s Medical Center, in honor of a Grandmother who has collected toys over the past...

Jack Sundberg visits the St. Augustine Academy Bridgeport

On February 15, Jack presented his "Dream Big" project to the 7th and 8th graders at St. Augustine Academy. See below for more pictures from the wonderful event! Do you know of a school or team of young people who could benefit from Sundberg's motivational talk? Be...

A Year In Review

BASEBALL 860 just completed its first year of business and community service efforts. It has been an exciting and eventful year for us. The year was filled with new beginnings, new partnerships, and the delivering of BASEBALL 860’s mission. By the close of the...


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