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Siempre he admirado a las personas bilingües

Back in 2019, Jack Sundberg, former MILB Potomac Nationals’ Outfielder with the Washington Nationals organization, suffered an injury that would change his life forever. After sliding into home plate and breaking his hand, Jack was looking for something worthwhile to fill his time while he healed. “I’ve always admired people who were bi-lingual. Being able to switch languages mid-sentence is a remarkable skill and capability I’ve always wanted to have,” Sundberg said.

As a professional baseball player who’s committed to helping all young aspiring athletes achieve their dreams as well, Jack is committed and determined to improve at his Spanish skills until he is fluent. “I made a commitment to myself to spend several hours a week on improving my Spanish and I’m really excited about how this will positively impact my work with COMORP.” said Jack.

Jack’s abilities to speak Spanish will not only help Community Outreach Partners (COMORP) reach more kids in diverse, underserved communities, but it will also enable Jack to more effectively communicate with teammates.

“It’s an eye-opening experience to be able to speak to my teammates and their communities in their first language when they work very hard to learn mine [English]. You can tell they appreciate the effort to learn their language,” he said.

Jack is looking forward to communicating directly with persons from Spanish-speaking communities knowing he will be able to more confidently provide the same services and support with clinics and presentations in their first language. “People always receive stronger messages when they hear them in their first language, and I’m really excited to be able to provide that to a new audience.”

If you would like more information on this news please contact Carolyn Rodgers, Communications Manager, carolyn@comorp.org.

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