Ode to the Mustangs

Brothers of the herd
One clan one team
In one spirit
We work hard play hard
and coaches work with every shard of every player

Every player
On the mustangs
Plays hard
As a herd
In a pack with spirit
And almost as a horse team

Lose as a team win as team
Bonzi Bonzi the player
Stole home. A wave of spirit
through the crowd of the fans of the Mustangs.
The team charged the field like a herd.
On three. One, two, three play hard.

The coaches said that was a hard
fought game. “Nice job team.”
Now the fans were more of a herd
then the players.
The symbol of the Mustangs
waved in the brisk night air underneath the lights in the spirit.

The players walked out with spirit
for tomorrow.


Mustang club members

Adam Rosman

Connor Loree

Ethan Thacher

Ryan Ouimette

Garrett Schwab

Andreas Schwartz

Dane Rosa

Joseph Michanczyk

Jacob Jordan

Ethan O'Day

Ben Kochenburger

Kevin Dunnack

Jack Sundberg